Smileyville 2.5

Smileys can only be happy in company that looks completely different!

Smileyville is a matching puzzle game created by Interaction Studios. We all know that the Internet is flooded with games where you need to match colors or figures or something else. However, Smileyville is not the game where you have to match similar Smileys. In fact, the game has a very nice, challenging and pleasant twist. When you first start strolling through Smileyville, you will find an apparent with 16 doors in it. In each door there will be a Smiley showing its face. What you have to do is to match the Smileys that do not have the same face features as the others. If, for example, you have a smiley with closed eyes, sad face and glasses, you cannot match it with another smiley that has any of those features. Even if it is just the glasses, if they match, you'll loose time in your bar. This is easier to say than do. You really have to re-program your brain in order to complete this puzzle game successfully. This game has cute animations and an excellent presentation. The sound and music were a bit on the down side but not that bad. A very good puzzle game.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good puzzle game
  • Nice twist


  • Sounds and Music could be better
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